Q:  Are your apartments family friendly?

A:  Yes, we welcome families of all types. 

Q:  Do you allow pets?

A:  Unfortunately we do not allow pets.

Q:  Do you have any Seniors Only apartment buildings?

A:  Although we certainly welcome senior citizens in all our complexes, we do not have any apartment houses restricted only for seniors.

Q: Do you have Section 8 housing?

A:  Yes, we happily provide housing for those with Section 8 subsidies.

Q:  Is there a minimum income requirement to qualify for one of your apartments?

 A:  Yes. It is dependent on the apartment a family is applying for and the size of the family.

Q:  Do LBAHC provide housing for homeless or temporary housing?

A:   LBAHC does not provide housing for homeless person and does not provide temporary housing.

Q:   Is LBAHC a part of an city or county government agencies?

A:   LBAHC is a private, non-profit community development corporation and is not affiliated with any governmental agencies or departments.

Q:  Does LBAHC maintain a waiting list of vacancies?

A:  Yes LBAHC does maintain a waiting list of qualified applicants because we generally received more applications than the number of vacancies we currently have.

Q:   Where are your properties located?

A:   LBAHC properties are located in Los Angeles. See our list of properties and addresses here.