Today’s Board of Directors and staff of LBAHC is committed to maintaining quality affordable housing while providing numerous supportive services designed to improve the quality of life for all our residents and their families. The LBAHC Board of Directors is made of non-profit corporation professionals, business representatives, community residents, and tenants residing in LBAHC properties. Our focus is to ensure the organizational mission; policies and fiscal accountability are implemented to provide affordable housing units to qualified families and individuals

Board Members

  • Brian Ulaszewski, board president
  • Enzo Cottogneti, board vice president
  • Patsy Howard, board secretary
  • Brenda Thomas, director
  • Lynda Eaton, director
  • David Braunstein, director
  • Josh Butler, director

Pictured left to right:
Brian Ulaszewski, board president
Patsy Howard, board secretary